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Supply Chain Woes

Baby formula, select hygiene products, and more have not been as accessible as they once were. For nearly a year, grocery store shelves have been emptier, and the cost of…

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Skyrocketing Food Costs

Does the thought of going to the grocery store induce anxiety? Food prices are on the rise, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. The grocery cart is getting…

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Tightening the Belt for High Inflation

Inflation is the highest it’s been in quite some time. Between 2020 and 2021, the average price for a gallon of milk rose 6.9%. Today, we’re seeing prices greater than…

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Inflation and the Road Ahead

Currently, inflation is at a whopping 8.3%, which is 1.3% higher than last year. Costs are going up everywhere, and people are feeling the squeeze. Financially the economy has fallen…

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Rising Inflation and How to Prepare

The effects of rising inflation have seemed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. Grocery store shelves are less stocked while prices get higher. Filling up the gas tank feels…

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Credit Cards: A Financial Crossroad

The tempting allure of money at our fingertips is hard to turn down. Many of us will justify a credit card by keeping it for “emergencies only,” but that strategy…

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Small Budget, Big Debt: 8 Ways to Stretch the Dollar

Try running on a treadmill to get somewhere. No matter how hard you work, forward movement is impossible. Those of us under the crushing force of debt often feel this…

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