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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Unsecured Debt Your Biggest Financial Liability?

What Is Debt Settlement?

Can I Settle My Own Debt?

How Do I Know The Creditors Will Settle?

How Am I Protected?

Will My Credit Score Be Impacted?

Will I Get Creditor Calls?

Is There A Fee?

What If I Continue Just Paying The Minimum?

I Have 0% Interest, Should I Wait To Enroll?

I Feel Obligated To Pay All I Owe, What Should I Do?

Do I Have To Close My Accounts?

Is There Anyway To Pay Creditors Sooner? (Loan Option)

Should I Try To Get A Consolidation Loan?

Should I Just Refinance My Home To Pay Unsecured Debt?

What About The Debt Snowball Option?

Do I Really Have To Stop Making Minimum Payments?

What If A Creditor Sues?

What Is The Interest Rate?

Will I Receive A 1099?

What Is Same Banking?

I Received A Lower Quote From Another Company, Why?

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