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President - Founder

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Sean L

Vice President

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Cory H

Administrative Director

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Karlie M

Quality Assurance Director

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Ev S

Team Lead

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Administrative Assistant

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Company Culture Director

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My wife and I worked with Chelsea to elminate our unsecured debt.  We choose an option that would get us out of debt fast, while saving a substantial amount of money.  We are thankful we had options to save money and get out of debt for less than what we owed.


My analyst was excellent. He calmed my anxiety on what seems to be a never ending debt that had gotten to the point that it was out of hand.  I am very thankful I made the choice to work with Advocate Debt Relief!


Sean was very helpful and patient over the phone! My wife Christina had a great experience with him a couple months ago and I did as well today. He made what can be a very overwhelming process go very smoothly.


I am extremely thankful for the guidance that was given to me by my analyst. I didn’t know the programs available to me. I was drowning in debt. Thank you for all the help and guiding me. I can breathe again!


Brittany was great. I was a little skeptical at first but she took the time to explain and give me the additional information I needed to get started. While the process is a bit lengthy she was with me every step of the way!


My analyst Josh was experienced and helpful. He didn’t rush me and answered every single question I had. After our initial phone call, I never went more than 24 hours without having a response to a question.


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