Todd C

Team Lead

Todd a/k/a “The ToddFather”, is a husband to his beautiful wife Coral, father to his two boys and is passionate about helping others succeed in areas where they once were unable too. For most people, having a high debt amount and uncontrollable interest will prevent them from doing so. While helping others to secure small business loans over the years, and seeing the huge debt amounts in people’s lives and how it prevented them from achieving their goals, Todd decided then to join forces with Advocate Debt Relief, so he could help others become financially stable. Todd was born and raised in Florida, until his early twenties, when he then decided to set out on the path of life, and spend time in both Texas and New York City, before settling back home in his native land.

In his limited “off ’ time, from raising/chasing two toddlers, Todd enjoys woodworking, renovation projects, playing cornhole,and working out…. But really spends most of that time completing his wife’s “Honey to Do List” and changing diapers.

Todd has over 15 years of business experience and has been in the consumer financial industry for over 8 years. He lives by everyone deserves a second chance and it is only one phone call away.