Sara S

Debt Analyst

Sara is an artistic and spiritual woman who was born in Connecticut and moved to South Carolina with her family at the age of 15 where she met her now husband freshman year of high school. They have 3 beautiful children, a dog and two cats. Both Sara and her husband are excellent cooks and love to sit with their children at the table for dinner every night they can. In March of 2020 their family made the decision to move to Southwest Florida and purchase their first home so they could expand the small tropical plant nursery that they run from their home. Sara has always loved plants but when she turned her passion into a business with her loving husband, their dream of moving to Florida became a reality. So much planning, hard work and sacrifice went into their business but it was all worth it. Every day there are new experiences, people to meet, places to go and Sara soaks up as many of the positive parts of life as she can. Walking down the beach alongside her husband with the waves crashing at their feet, seagulls and pelicans flying above while dolphins play in the surf, is one thing she can’t get enough of. In her free time she has several hobbies that she likes to enjoy. When she was a child she would fish in the rivers and streams of Connecticut, now she fishes the salt waters of the gulf. Shark tooth hunting at Venice Beach and in the waters of the Peace River alongside alligators is something that she loves to do with her family. Art has always been a passion and true talent for Sara. She loves to draw, make crystal wire wrapped jewelry and try just about any crafting project she can. Since moving to Florida she met a group of amazing women who share her love for the handpan and she meets with her “Women of Steel” often to meditate and connect through music and spirituality. To say that Sara is a loving and compassionate person would be an understatement. She goes out of her way to make her friends, family and even strangers feel valued and loves to make people smile. She takes her job here at Advocate Debt Relief very seriously and understands that each person’s needs are different from one to the next and strives to give the best service possible to each individual.