Juan R

Debt Analyst

Juan was born in Cuba and at a very young age voyaged across the great Atlantic Ocean. With the compass pointing north towards the lands of freedom he sailed. After about ninety miles and two days lost at sea along with the help of the coast guard he had finally reached the mythical lands of freedom known as America. Here he was raised in the sunny land of FL which he thoroughly enjoys living in. Juan is a man of many interests but his primary interest is in helping fellow human beings in whichever way that he can.

He is blessed to be employed with a company whose only goal and objective is that which interests him the most; helping people. An opportunity which he seizes every day at Advocate Debt Relief by enrolling countless clients into a debt free future. Nothing makes Juan feel more satisfied than knowing he played a part in creating a stress and debt free future for so many families. So come be a cooperative component and join Juan in the satisfaction of creating a debt free life for you and your family.