Joshua C

Debt Analyst

I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain to a hard working couple, who taught me that it does not matter what you do in life, what matters is that you put your heart to it and you try to do your absolute best to be the best. Growing up, my father showed me the gratification that there is in helping others, that there’s not much in receiving but there is in giving and helping others.

We moved to the States back in 2015 in search for a better future like many immigrants in the USA, looking for that “American Dream”. Now I have had the opportunity to work for different companies that in some way had a good impact in their customers’ lives. I was finally able to put in practice what my parents taught me, what they raised me to be. Now at Advocate Debt Relief I finally feel I have found that company that has the perfect balance between helping others and helping myself, there is nothing better than helping others find their financial freedom while becoming a better person myself