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Gas Prices and the Storm Ahead

  When we pull up to the pump, most of us cringe these days. For some people, it’s no longer cost-efficient to drive into the office and forget recreational driving….

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Anxiety, Inflation, and You

The corner of your eye picks up the overdue notice on the kitchen table. Shortness of breath sets in, your palms are sweaty, and your heart beats through your chest…

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Student Loans: Separating Fact from Fiction

Mid-terms, exams, and the all-nighters that come with college life are over, but the real challenge begins with repaying the student loans. Initially, the monthly bill can be higher than…

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A Credit Report is the Adult Report Card

Remember back in grade school when teachers would stress the importance of grades. Praise, special privileges, responsibilities, or an overall sense of accomplishment were the result of good grades. Bad…

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Debt Decisions: What to Consider Before Setting Sail

When it comes to debt, we’re the captain of our ship. Every decision we make either steers the ship on the right course or into troubled waters. Depending on the…

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Credit Card and Credit Score: How to Play to Your Advantage

In the credit card game, it can seem impossible to level up. High-interest rates, minimum payments, principal balance, and complicated mathematical formulas for repayment options can make the score tough…

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Is Refinancing Right?

Debt can sometimes give us the impression we’re sitting on a house of cards that can crash at any moment. A quick shift one way or the other feels like…

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Stop Bleeding, Start Breathing, Protect the Wound: A Financial Plan

The trenches of our bank account can be a combat zone. Out of breath from debt payments, the unexpected inevitably blindsides us and valuable dollars bleed out. A financial plan…

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