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Debt Relief

Bankruptcy’s Top Myths Exposed

Do you remember your childhood bogeyman? That feeling of uncertainty about the creepy monster hiding under the bed, behind the shower curtain, or the strange shadow that looks half-human, half…

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Rising Inflation and How to Prepare

The effects of rising inflation have seemed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. Grocery store shelves are less stocked while prices get higher. Filling up the gas tank feels…

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Student Loans: Separating Fact from Fiction

Mid-terms, exams, and the all-nighters that come with college life are over, but the real challenge begins with repaying the student loans. Initially, the monthly bill can be higher than…

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Credit Cards: A Financial Crossroad

The tempting allure of money at our fingertips is hard to turn down. Many of us will justify a credit card by keeping it for “emergencies only,” but that strategy…

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