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Inflation or Greedflation: Who is to Blame?

A new term is hitting the headlines these days: Greedflation. The concept is based on the theory that big companies have taken advantage of the inflationary environment of our economy…

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Debt Relief

The Debt Mountain: How to Climb and Stay on Top

A mountain of debt is unsettling at best. Rising food costs, gas prices, high rent, and overall inflation make climbing that mountain more daunting than ever. Before throwing your hands…

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Supply Chain Woes

Baby formula, select hygiene products, and more have not been as accessible as they once were. For nearly a year, grocery store shelves have been emptier, and the cost of…

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Debt Relief

Threats to Your Debt

In May, the Federal Reserve announced it would raise interest rates by half a percent to help inflation. Despite the well-intentioned effort, food costs are still rising, and gas is…

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