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Get Ready for Scarce Jobs Ahead

The financial situation in our country is not looking good, despite a strong job market. The fate of the future job market hinges on how the government and the private…

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How to Prepare Supply Chain Bottlenecks & Inflation

The general perception is that the supply chain issues we’ve had over the last two years are in the past. Unfortunately, this is not true. Many factors have hindered an…

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Recession vs. Depression: Ways to Handle Both

Inflation has been a hot topic in today’s world. Talk of recession has been more prevalent, and words like stagflation and economic depression have been tossed around by economists. Many…

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How to Adjust Spending for Inflation

Financial security is becoming more out of reach for many people these days. Inflation has griped essential goods like gas, food, and shelter with no signs of letting up anytime…

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